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Green Juice was originally developed
nearly two decades ago as a massage product for therapeutic massage. Today this protective, 100% natural, botanical formula infuses a healthydiet of essential fatty acids, plantsterols and antioxidants into the skin. These essential nutrients strengthen the skin’s natural healing process, reducing inflammation, irritation and redness, while nourishingoils boost the skin’s protective lipids to smooth dryness. Green Juice will help to sedate allergic reactions and calm overstimulated, congested or reactive skin. This pure blend of healing goodness is safe
for even the most fragile skin. There are so many uses for this miracle balm, some include a face and body moisturiser, lip balm or a soothing and healing balm for eczema, dermatitis or skin trauma. It’s quickly digested and absorbed by the skin in an easy-to-apply balm form.

This plantsterol-packed balm contains oils from sunflowers, shea and mango to help treat symptoms related to eczema and dermatitis.Green Juice’s super fruits contain an abundance of essential fatty acids that will boost cell nutrition to help stimulate the skin’s
healing process. Green Juice will help heal skin after skin trauma such as; laser treatment, injury, tattoo, sunburn and so on.Get that dewy moisture glow from the juices of coconut and organic plant butters, these skin smoothing lipids nourish and soften the skin.

Can be used as nourishing gentle cleansing balm for the face. Wonderful for removing heavymakeup, even safe for removing children’s face paint.Nourishing balm for cuticles and lips. Nurturing for the delicate skin of babies. Massaging baby after 4
weeks will keep their skin soft and protected. Great to help soothe sore irritated bottoms too.
Blueberries, red raspberries and cranberries provide the skin with an antioxidant power punch. These hard working antioxidants help nourish the skin after time in the sun.
Coconut oils antibacterial benefits, plus purifying chlorophyll from alfalfa, help to keep skin clear, fresh and blemish free.

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