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ASAP DNA Renewal treatment 30ml


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ASAP DNA renewal treatment contains telomere technology to assist in the protection and repair of DNA damage, combined with a unique Multi-Peptide Complex to enhance cellular longevity and vitality. Self-regenerative stem cell technology and polyglucuronic acid help
boost cell renewal to rapidly smooth fine lines and wrinkles and assist in restoring optimal hydration and elastin, resulting in remarkably firmer and younger looking skin.

Ingredients :

  • Multi-Peptide Complex

  Powerful chain of peptide actives protecting & repairing DNA damage, which delays the ageing process, contributing to younger lookingskin.
  Protects skin from DNA reproduction damage by stimulating skins cell's natural repair pathways
  Boosts cellular renewal
  Reduces wrinkle depth by up to 63% in 28 days.

  • Stem Cell Technology

  Helps regenerate the epidermis & improve the look of wrinkled skin.
The epidermis thickness improvement assists in the reduction of wrinkle depth
  Reduces skin fragility

  • Hydro Elastic Complex

  Stimulates hyaluronic acid & collage production to increase skin hydration & smooth fine lines & wrinkles
  Provides resistance to dehydration
  A powerful marine extract, Alaria Esculenta, enhances & preserves skin elasticity & suppleness by reducing elastin & collagen degradation.
  Protects against free radical damage
  Provides hydration both in-depth & on the surface of the skin.

  • Anti-Pollution Complex 

  Jojoba, Olive seed & Macadamia provide moisturising, soothing & protective properties
  Enhances skin barrier recovery & provides future protection
  Increases elasticity & firmness in aged & sun damaged skin

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