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Dermal needling/ Collagen Induction therapy (CIT)
CIT improves skin texture, and can reduce fine lines, pigmentation and scaring by stimulating collagen production, so your skin is firming and stronger. We use LED phototherapy skin plumping hyaluronic serums to improve results. A consultation is essential before we can start any treatments. We will tailor a program to your individual needs and skin concerns.

CIT consultation 15min - Complementary

CIT treatment 60min - $280

Skin Renewal Peels
A consultation is essential before we start any Skin Renewal Peels and your trained skin therapist will choose the correct peel and skin program, for your skins individual needs. Using a blend of AHA’s, BHA’s and Botanical enzymes to brighten, tighten and deeply exfoliate the skin for clear, smooth, healthy skin.

No matter what your skin concern (pigmentation, acne, sensitivity, dehydration, redness, dullness etc.…) we will tailor a treatment to fit your skins needs.

Skin Renewal Peel 30min - $90

Skin Renewal Peel + Vitamin infusion 60min - $140

Rapid Results Skin Treatment 90min - $190                                                                           
We start with a facial enzyme  or AHA peel  to smooth and remove dead skin then we use  Sonophorisis to infuse vitamins and actives into the skin  for better absorption then we boost up results using LED Light therapy for the perfect pick me up facial.                                        
Skin Renewal Peel + Vitamin and Serum infusion + LED Light therapy = Rapid Results

Instant Glow Pumpkin peel 60min - $140
A potent blend of pumpkin and pineapple enzymes and antioxidant coffeeberry extract, to improve skin radiance and give you a glow you will love! relaxation with results

Plumberry Pamper Peel 60min - $140
Unveil fresh smooth skin with an infusion of goodness from nutritious berries and plums, hydrating and quenching the skins thirst. This super antioxidant rich treatment has the ability to help reduce sensitivity, by using pure enzymes and Vitamin C to brighten and plump the skin.


Espresso Gel Manicure 30min - $50
Nail shape, cuticle work and gel polish application, for long lasting high gloss.

Espresso Gel Pedicure 30min - $50
Nail shape, cuticle work and gel polish application, for long lasting high gloss nails. Finished with gel polish, cuticle oil and nourishing body lotion.

Renew Signature Pedicure 60min - $85
A foot and leg scrub, heel file, nail shape and tidy plus a relaxing massage finishing with gel polish 

Artistic Perfect Dip Nails $75
Stronger Than gel polish , thinner than  L&P Acrylic, Perfect Dip protects natural nails for long lasting shiny colour.


Can be added on to any Manicure or Pedicure.
Correction Gel - $10
Add strength, smooth ridges and other surface imperfections. Adds a protective armour to nails promote healing and growths of the natural nail. Allows you to grow long strong natural nails.

IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment - $15
Penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity, to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long! Great for split, peeling hard to grow nails. 

Gel Polish Removal - $25
$15 with any manicure or pedicure

Nail Repair - $15 (per nail)
Broken a nail? Cracked your Acrylic or Gel nail enhancement? Split a nail and want to save it? We can!

Glitter & Nail Art - from $2


Using Artistic PUTTY Poly-Gel, or Artistic Rock Hard gel or powder

Full set - Sculpted, tips or overlay FROM $99

Re-balance/back fill FROM $55

Nail Repair - $15 (per nail)
Broken a nail? Cracked your Acrylic or Gel nail enhancement? Split a nail and want to save it? We can!


Eyebrow wax/shape$25
Eyebrow tint$25
Eyelash tint$25
Eye duo$40
Eye trio$50
Eyelash perm (inc. eyelash tint)$85


Full body$50
Half Body$30
5 Full Body Tan (save $50)$225
10 Full Body Tans (save $251)$399 

Please read our preparation and maintenance info here before booking.


Upper lip$18       
Chin or side burns$20 
Upper lip and chin$32
Upper lip, chin and brows$49
Basic Bikini
Extended Bikini
Brazilian wax
Brazilian - (over 9 weeks since last wax)$70
Half arm$30
Full arm$49
Half leg$30
2/3 leg$39
Full leg$55
Full leg & Basic Bikini
Full leg & Extended Bikini
Full leg & Brazilian Wax
Facial bleaching from$18
Full leg$60
Half leg$35
Back and shoulders$60
Full chest$60
Half chest$49
Speedo line$30
Half arm$35


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